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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Movie: “The Impossible” just go. Congratulations to the Thai ethic.

...Prepare to be unprepared. If you plan on taking a trip to your local theater in the near future, skip your annual blindfolded point-and-pick method. Choose “The Impossible.” You’ll find that it really is worth the hour and 54 minutes it so humbly requests, though it deserves much more.

Movie review: “The Impossible” - NeXt - The Buffalo News

.....The Impossible is much more than a garden-variety disaster flick, albeit one of the most captivating and harrowing in the genre. Perhaps strangely, it is also one of the most compelling family stories to have emerged on screen in a long spell.

Yup, a film brimming with solid family values, and yet one without any pretence and without any of the hokiness of one of those maudlin Walt Disney TV melodramas of yore. How surprising in these oh-so cynical times. The film’s title is clearly not an accident.