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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Why is my GPS wrong? It is not, but the map publisher often shows incorrect street addresses.

Just tell Google, they will make corrections.

GPS Street Address Accuracy - GPS Discussions
...The position your GPS calculates you at... the raw latitude and longitude will be accurate to within 10 meters, 95% of the time. Sounds pretty good, right? And if you were to add WAAS the signal will be accurate to about 5 meters, 95% of the time. Even better, right?

Well... no. See what you are talking about is the accuracy of the map, not the accuracy of the GPS signal. And the accuracy of the map is nowhere near the accuracy of the GPS signal. When we consider where the street was mapped versus where it actually is it isn't uncommon for the map to be off by 100 feet or so.

When it comes to the accuracy of a street address, say "500 Main Street" it can be off even further... sometimes by 1,000 feet and sometimes by even more.