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Wednesday, October 07, 2015

The HOOK defined and how to UN-HOOK.

Are you hooked on technology? You can control technology instead of allowing technology to control you. Learn how:

I took these notes while watching this video:

Most habit forming tools keep us in loops that maintain and reinforce their hold on us. There are four steps in the loop:
The Trigger, The Action, The Reward, The Investment.
  • Trigger
    • External triggers: Click here, buy now, place in cart. 
    • Internal triggers: Negative emotions, uncertainty.
  • Action 
    • A simple behaviour done in anticipation of a reward.
    • Behaviour is triggered by the following steps:
      • Your Motivation to act
      • Your Ability to act
      • A Trigger 
  • Rewards for action us the Variable Reward technique to maximize your involvement:
    • The Tribe - Social groups
    • The Hunt - Just scroll down to find something rewarding. 
    • The Self - Search for mastery, completion, reaching the next level, checking the email, finishing a to-do list.
  • Investment 
    • Increase the likelyhood of you returning to the hook.
    • Stored value can be the volume of information you store in a site, your reputation on a service. 
The company that hold on to the habits of the mind will keep you. 

Is the Hook ethical, or just business?

Build the change by using habit forming products that build the world you want to live in. 

Now, how to UN-HOOK yourself starts at 6:00. A review of THE HOOK starts at 4:40 below:

How many hooks are you involved with? Watch them in action in your life. Try to change them to your advantage. You can reshape hooks to improve your life.