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Friday, October 09, 2015

CIBPA - In Memory of the Italian Internment Camps of Canada.

Always fraternal, the Italian comunity choses to virtually forget that terrible moment in Canadian history. But here is their story thanks to a short video by CIBPA (Canadian Italian Business & Professional Association). Thanks Sal. Steve

It’s a fact that has been lost to time – and shame – unlike the Japanese-Canadian internment, so well-documented and so much a terrible cornerstone in that community’s history. There are significant differences: The Italian-Canadian internees were all men, detained because of alleged fascist links. Entire families were not forced out of their homes and into camps. With the exception of some Mussolini busts and the like, their property was not confiscated. 
But the effects were profound, according to Ray Culos’s book Injustice Served: The Story of British Columbia’s Italian Enemy Aliens During World War II, being released this week. The men left their families in dire circumstances; some women couldn’t cope.

Then there was the unofficial impact on the entire community: the sting of prejudice, businesses boycotted, jobs lost.
Source: Shining light on a dark secret: The internment of Italian-Canadians - The Globe and Mail