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Thursday, February 02, 2017

DeepMindi AI reduces datacenter cooling by 40%

There is at least one known utilization of DeepMind technology, however, where it's clear Google does hope to see short-term financial gain. The AI has been given the job of managing power consumption at its massive data centers, where Google claims it has reduced the energy used for cooling by an impressive 40%.

This has been done by feeding it historical sensor data on the operation of the cooling systems, which dynamically adjust according to demand as user activity changes across the group's services – web search, cloud storage, gmail, Youtube videos, mobile app marketplace, and everything else.

The AI has been able to more accurately predict how the temperature in each part of the building will be affected by these spikes in use, and more efficiently regulate the distribution of power to cooling machinery. After the successful trials, plans are in place to have the technology operational in its 16 main datacenters soon.