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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Day trip to Kurranda, QLD

This is the requisite train ride up from the coast to Kurranda, visit for five hours, ride the SkyRail cable car back down to the coast.

Steve waiting for the train at Freshwater Station just off the transfer bus.
Smelly plant warning in the toilets, it isn't dirty toilets ! :-)  
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The must see Freshwater Station museum. Compact folding sink used on trains a century ago.
Keeping things cool was quite a proposition for long journeys. Bring your own ice and rent an ice chest!
Baron falls in full swing. (rare)
Cane fields to the horizon.

Falls along the way, right out the train window.

The pacific ocean in the distance. We are way up.

Photo stop at Barron Falls.

The Barron Falls today, they are visible because it rained last night.

Visiting Kurranda

Bent rail bench. Not as comfy as it appears... :-)
Orientation, putting Kurranda on the map.

The fig tree.

90 million old product.

 Visiting Butterfly World

An excellent expert guided tour in Butterfly world.

 Visiting Birdworld

Up close in bird world.

SkyRail back to the coast

Leaving Kurranda train station below.
Nice in cosy in the air above the canopy.
First we cross high above the Barron River.

Down to the first boardwalk.

Skyrail stop 1

The first stop
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Barron Falls from the North.
The gorge from the North.
Barron Falls into the river.

Skyrail stop 2

On the way back on skyrail. The Instagram stop.



Tow line water park. Looks like fun from above.

The end of the 7.5 km cable car ride stunning.