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Friday, July 03, 2015

Don't like democracy? Here are some of your options. Just to open a discussion!

It isn't easy to have an original idea, particularly in the crowded space of politics. See where your vision fits in this list. 

  • anarchy—rule by none 
  • andrarchy—rule by men 
  • cryptarchy—secret rule 
  • ecclesiarchy—rule by a church 
  • exarchy—rule by a bishop or bishops 
  • gynarchy—rule by women 
  • hierarchy—rule by priests 
  • kritarchy—rule by a judge or judges 
  • matriarchy—rule by mothers or women 
  • minarchy—minimization of rule 
  • monarchy, autarchy—rule by one 
  • oligarchy—rule by a few 
  • paedarchy—rule by children 
  • panarchy—universal rule 
  • pantarchy—rule by all 
  • paparchy—rule by a pope 
  • parsonarchy, hierarchy—rule by priests 
  • patriarchy—rule by fathers or men 
  • phylarchy—rule by a class or tribe 
  • plutarchy—rule by the wealthy 
  • malarky—rule by the stupid 
  • polyarchy—rule by many 
  • synarchy--rule by a secret minority 
  • terarchy—(fictional) rule by a monster or monsters 
  • thearchy—rule by God or gods


If you don't find your concepts in this list, then there is always this longer list of Forms of government - Wikipedia: