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Monday, May 06, 2013

READY TO USE IN CLASS: Toolkits & Teaching materials by UNESCO.

UNESCO has gathered and published READY TO USE  documents in many essential fields.  I found these, but there are countless more: 
Basic Computer Skills
using free resources (open office, search, mailing, ): 

Starting my own small business
Excellent documents to inspire and guide the entrepreneur in you, designed for classroom use, easily adapted to individualized use:

Computer Wireless Networking
Troubleshooting etc.

This is what you get in each module, for example:

Linux-based infrastructureUnit overview: An overview of the different roles in a network that can be filled with a Linux computer. Brief run-throughs of configuration and example software packages for each role. Date:  June 2006

  • Handout
    ODF | PDF
  • List of additional resources
    ODF | PDF
  • Copyright statement
    ODF | PDF
  • Trainers' tools
    • Trainers' notes
      ODF | PDF
    • Slides
      ODF |PDF
    • Materials evaluation form
      ODF | PDF
    • Workshop evaluation form
      ODF | PDF

Toolkits & Teaching materials | Education | United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

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Thank you Jacques.