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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Foreign worker program: LIST THE POSITIONS at Service Canada PLEASE.

Rant 1: What are those jobs? 
I expect to find all Foreign worker program jobs here:

But NO! Nothing. How would a Canadian even know about those jobs. Come on, publish the list and requirements, see if some Canadians step up!

Is this just a government program supporting foreign cronyism?

Rant 2: SAY SO: Foreign worker program fills low-skill low pay  jobs.

Every time I hear of the foreign worker program, I expect to see a complete list these skilled jobs, but they never list them because most are low skill jobs. In fact the list of 109000 companies on the program is dominated by fast food companies using the 15% lower wage clause to great effect!

Of course, the language promoting the program is designed to make the process as easy as possible to foreign investors:
There are three main streams of the ICT program:
• Executive: An individual who occupies a senior post in their organization, who directs the overall management or an important component of the organization;
• Managerial: An individual who manages all or part of the organization, and whose job includes significant supervision of others;
• Specialized Knowledge: An employee who, through their work, has gained a specialized or advanced level of knowledge in the organization. This knowledge, while not necessarily proprietary, should be very uncommon in the general labour market
 Canada Immigration News - Intra-Company Transfers: An Option for International Business



...the employers include fast-food restaurants, convenience stores and gas stations.
"You look down this list, and it's McDonald's, Tim Hortons, A&W, Subway," McGowan said Tuesday. 
"Are we supposed to believe that these are 'high-skill' employment opportunities?"Some of the other businesses listed in the documents include The Big Moo Ice Cream Parlour in Alberta, Burger King in British Columbia and Pizza Express in Ontario.
 ..."Workers who want to come to Canada should enjoy the same rights and privileges as other Canadian residents," he said.
"We shouldn't be paying them 15 per cent less than Canadians, and government shouldn't be whisking them in through an accelerated and duplicitous process."

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